Why traditional faxing has limitations:

Supplying fax machines with paper, separate phone lines, etc. is costly. Lost productivity is also costly, as employees often print a document, go to a fax machine, and then wait for confirmation that the transmission has finished.

In today’s integrated work environment, fax machines lack integration with common business software applications – where most faxed documents are produced.

Fax machines lack tracking and security. Fax machines cannot provide an audit trail of who sent each fax, and inbound faxes with sensitive information can’t be directed to a specific user or group.

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The Solution is RightFax

Key Benefits:

Reduce costs by reducing paper, phone lines, modems, stand-alone fax machines and related supplies.
Increase productivity by allowing users to fax directly from business applications and workstations.
Shorten the business cycle by speeding document delivery and integrating with your business workflow.
Aid with compliance by providing a secure place for managing all document delivery.
Automate fax, e-mail and print delivery from key business applications.

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